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Fun magic shows and educational magic shows for schools

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School Magic Shows

You are going to love the magic shows we do for schools. Our shows are tons of fun with loads of interaction and an abundance of impressive magic.

The magic shows we perform in schools are funny, fast-paced and crammed full of innovative magic that will wow and entertain the children from start to finish. We get helpers up at every opportunity to help and the whole audience is invited to help us in a variety of fun creative ways.

We cover London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent (for other areas get in touch).
Magic Shows In Your School

Our marvellous magic shows are packed to the brim with conjuring, comedy and action.

One of the most asked questions that we get is "do you also have a magic show suitable for year 5 and 6 (nine to eleven year olds)?" -  yes we do, and it's top notch! Our shows for older children are edgy and daring and pitched perfectly for this age group.

We perform exciting shows for all age groups from preschool age to Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2. A show for secondary school children is also now ready to go.
A school show magician looks surprised as he opens up a magic steel pan
We can perform just the one magic show, or several magic shows for you over the course of the day.

We can perform our magic shows purely as entertainment, as a school or class treat, or we can tie it in with a school topic or book that the children are reading. We also have a number of educational shows, including shows with the themes of food and healthy eating, recycling and sustainability, and the magic of reading.

We can perform either on a school stage or we can perform on floor level, and children can either be sat on the floor or on benches, or both. Shows are usually 60 minutes or 45 minutes, though we do offer shorter 30 minute shows too.
A magician, performing at a school, has a girl helper pull on a length of orange wool
A magician, at a school magic show, using a child helper who he asks to wave a banana around in the air
A magician entertains in a school hall, speaking on a microphone in front of an audience of children
Our fun, professional magicians have loads of incredible magical routines for all different age groups including magic with jugs of milk, paper cups, bottles of ketchup, yoyos, carrots, eggs, cakes, coat hangers, oranges, bananas, rope, pizzas, Marmite, eggs, silk handkerchiefs, gloves, hats, selfies, loaves of bread, newspapers and loads more besides - we are coming up with new crazy magic ideas all the time.

Why not take advantage of one of our
special £75 shows for Key Stage 2?  -  See our prices

Did we mention we also entertain with a jolly colourful show for nurseries and pre-schools Visit our pre-schools page
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An audience of happy children watching a magic show in a school
A magician looks bewildered as he examines the handcuffs he has been locked into
Our Current Shows

Our Gold Magic Shows - quite simply our current favourite magic routines. Perfect as a school reward or treat, or just for fun. We have different shows for Early Years, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and now even a gold show for Key Stage 3.

Classics Of Magic Show (suitable for KS2 and KS3): fantastic legendary magic routines all wildly updated to make them as entertaining and fun as possible. Linking rings, mind-reading, torn and restored newspaper, card tricks suitable for the stage, vanishing milk in newspaper, hilarious rope magic, bill in orange, silk magic, "The Miser's Dream", exciting escapology and more.

educational shows (suitable for KS1 and KS2). Find out more.

Our very
funny and colourful show for nurseries and pre-schools

Our phenomenal show based on the popular magical children's book "
Leon and the Place Between"

We are also very good at theming magic shows, so let us know if you have a school topic you would like us to base a show around.
Some Lovely Feedback From Schools About Our Shows

I just wanted to send a huge thank you for coming to perform for us, you were absolutely brilliant and everything you did was just at the perfect level for the children! You have really inspired them! They are buzzing about their new topic! Thank you, - Mrs Mellor  (Seymour Primary School, Crawley)

Just want to say thank you again for an amazing show! The children and staff absolutely loved it. It was perfect! - Mr Crawford. (John Ball School Blackheath)

I just wanted to say a huge and very enthusiastic thank you for the fantastic show. It is an amazing feat to entertain that many children but to do it twice and keep such energy throughout was nothing short of phenomenal. - Stephanie Tame (Wickham Common Primary School, West Wickham)

Many thanks once again for the fantastic show you provided. It was the talk of the school! - Debra McCabe (Woodlea School, Surrey)

My favourite trick was when he multiplied carrots. During the show everyone looked closely as he made more. - (Autumn, Sycamore class)

You can find more glowing testimonials on our testimonials page
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A magician producing white balls from a blue handkerchief
School Fundraising

Another very good reason for having a magic show is for us to help raise money for your school. We do this as an after-school event, usually with the PTA. Here are a couple of examples of how much money you can make:

Example one: If you have 2 x 45 minute shows, seating 100 guests in each show and you are charging £6 a ticket you would make 100 x 2 x £6 (minus our fee of £220) = a total profit of £980 for your school.

Example two: If you have one hour long show, seating 100 guests and you are charging £6 a ticket you would make 100 x £6 (minus our fee of £190) = a total profit of £410 for your school.

If you are allowing parents to come and watch too then that's fine by us and we'll make sure they have as much fun as the children. The more the merrier and the more money you can make. You can also sell refreshments to boost sales even further. Fantastic!
A Magic Video

During the Covid-19 lockdown months we spent much of our time producing online shows for children. Here is a compilation of bits and pieces from our Christmas, Easter and Hallowe'en online magic shows for younger children for you to watch and enjoy.

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