Our school magician entertainers have loads of exciting magic routines and we get helpers up at every opportunity. Below is a fun run-down of the routines we currently perform in our school shows. Please note we don't do all these routines in all of our shows as there's about three or four hours of magic here, we choose depending on the age of the children, what we think is most suitable and what we think they would most like!

The Stuff of Dreams - a miraculous production of coins, balls and even carrots.

Big Nose - where the children help draw a portrait of the magician by magic and with this extra help the magician is guaranteed not to look as gorgeous as he wants to be.

The Milk Jug of Doom -
our all-time favourite trick.

Kids' Revenge -
where the children choose which of the cups the magician will pour over his head - will he get wet or not? Now with a new twist in the tale as well.

What’s In The Bin? -
the magician and the audience put a torn up kids’ newspaper back together by magic.

Never Run With Scissors -
we teach the children a classic piece of magic adding in our own comedy at every opportunity.

Water Through Body -
we magically pour water all the way through the middle of a child volunteer.

Marvellous Mystery Object -
a magical and surprising predication game pitting the magician against a helper from the audience.

The Orange Box -
A top teleportation trick with two terrific helpers.

Kryptonite -
by the power of the planets we make a pupil (or teacher!) very very weak and then we make them very very strong.

Static -
the magician "magnetises" a child helper and metal objects then stick miraculously to them.

Moonstar -
an origami trick that's both crazy and charming.

The Clever Chip Chopper -
an illusion with a machine that chops chips and two audience helpers.

Your Favourite Lemon Flavoured Drink -
a very visual lemon and bottle production

The Strongest Knot In The World -
some very funny visual magic with ropes, magic dust and an audience assistant.

The Oops Machine -
magic using shoes borrowed from the audience and a bewitched box that turns them into mush. Can the magician put them all back together again before it's too late?

The Comeback Spider -
a giant card trick where the children turn all the magician's pretty cards into pictures of spiders.

The Magic Balloon Competition -
where, despite all the magician's cheating, the audience helper will always win.

Kid Slicer -
three children are sliced through their middles with a length of ribbon. Only the magic headbands they wear will stop them from falling apart.

Pizzadigitation -
where the magician claims he can turn a wooden pizza into a real pizza, but the children catch him cheating every step along the way.

Wool -
a signed sheep disappears and reappears inside a ball of wool.

The Dog Food Challenge -
a brilliant routine with flowerpots, prizes and one horrible forfeit. Suffice to say the magician gets it wrong yet again and the children win out (as this trick is quite gross we only now do this on request or at Hallowe'en!)

Straitjacket and Chains Escape -
an exciting escapology routine.

The Amazing Colour Changing Silk -
is it real magic or just a clever trick? You decide.

Cups and Balls -
the all time classic, performed in a comedy manner. Suitable for smaller groups.

The Amazing Vanishing Bottle of Ketchup Trick -
just as it sounds.


Our favourite routines for this pre-school children include making a magical cake in a cake tin, having a monkey disappear from an animal picture and have him reappear in the zoo, having the children magically finish off a painting that we have started and they make it look very funny indeed by the end, trying to make a rabbit appear and instead getting inundated with perpetually appearing carrots, and trying to turn a toy pizza into a real pizza with very funny results. If you'd also like puppets we can also include short puppet routines with Stinky The Bird (a brightly-coloured muppet-type puppet) and Bobbin The Raccoon (he’s the cute one).

We at School Magic Shows can often theme magic too, so please let us know if yours is a themed day or event.
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An alternative to having a magic show for fun or as a school reward is for us to help raise money for your school as a fund-raiser. We would love to help raise money for your school. For example, if you have 2 x one hour shows, seating 80 guests in each show and you are charging £4 a ticket you would make (after our fee) £405 for your school. If you have two shows, seating 100 guests in each show and are charging £5 a ticket you would be making £765 for your school. Even having just one hour long show, seating 80 and charging £5 a head, you would still be making a lovely £220. If you are allowing parents to come and watch too then that's fine by us and we'll make sure they have as much fun as the children. The more the merrier and the more money you can make.
A magician conjures a patterned necktie up and out of a magic hat
Magicians of different types performing magic shows in schools
A magician that looks surprisingly like Ricky Reemer

Are you looking for a fantastic magic show to come to your school? We have amazing magicians that visit schools to wow, dazzle and delight with their magical skills. We perform our magic shows in schools as a treat, as a reward, to tie in with a topic, just for fun, or to get an educational message across in an entertaining way.

We have been performing magic shows for schools since 2009, and we love it. Our marvellous magic shows are packed to the brim with conjuring, comedy and action, and there's tons of audience participation too getting helpers up at every opportunity.

We cover London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent, and also much of Berkshire, Hampshire, Essex and Hertfordshire too.

Our wonderful magician entertainers are ideal for book weeks, school assemblies, as a reward in a school incentive programme, at summer fetes and family fun days, special occasions, after-school clubs, holiday clubs, Christmas parties, magic shows in libraries, to tie in with a topic (for example we do lots of shows based around the book "
Leon And The Place Between") or just as a good fun treat for everyone.
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A child audience watching and enjoying a school magic show
An entertainer, performing magic in schools, looks at his audience through a large yellow tube
A schools show magician performs magic with a silk and white balls
I just wanted to send a huge thank you for coming to perform for us, you were absolutely brilliant and everything you did was just at the perfect level for the children! You have really inspired them! They are buzzing about their new topic! Thank you, Mrs Mellor  (Seymour Primary School, Crawley)

I just wanted to say a huge and very enthusiastic thank you for the fantastic show. It is an amazing feat to entertain that many children but to do it twice and keep such energy throughout was nothing short of phenomenal. Stephanie Tame (Wickham Common Primary School, West Wickham)

Many thanks once again for the fantastic show you provided. It was the talk of the school! Debra McCabe (Woodlea School, Surrey)

Thank you again for your amazing services at our school on Friday. We have left you a review on Facebook to say how grateful and honoured we were to have you. Ms Christodoulou (Walker Primary School, Southgate)

Hi Andy. Thank you so much for coming to visit us. The children (and adults!) absolutely loved you. Thank you especially for doing three shows in one day, enabling all of our children to enjoy your brilliant magic. Mary Browning (Willingdon Primary, East Sussex)

Thanks so much for your truly magical show. They absolutely loved it! So did us teachers. So just a big thanks once again! Have a lovely week, Gemma and Shumon (Year 3 teachers, Smallberry Green Primary School, Isleworth)

I wanted to email you to thank you so very much for two wonderful magic shows today. The children absolutely loved them and have talked non-stop about the tricks, particularly about sawing myself and Miss Thorpe in half! I wish you lots of success with your business and thank you again. Best wishes, Marion Drake  (Mottingham Primary)

This is a very long overdue but nonetheless very grateful thanks for your visit to school last term. The children (and staff!) all enjoyed your fun and energetic performances. Even the younger children were clearly enthralled by the magic show and your enthusiastic and cheerful dialogue had them completely engaged with what was going on. With best regards, Sally  (Rose Hill School, Tunbridge Wells)

I just wanted to say a big thank you from all the team. You helped to turn our fun day into an amazing day and for that I am very thankful. You worked very hard and kept both children and adults very entertained. Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you again. Carly (Shooters Hill Children's Centre, Greenwich)

Just to say thank you so much for your magic shows today! All the children and staff really enjoyed the afternoon and it was a great success. Hope to see you next year. - Alexandra Dodd  (Devonshire Hill Primary School, Haringey)

Thank you for a splendid show which the Rainbows loved! Your energy was boundless. Best wishes, Alison, (Cudham Shaws Girlguiding)

Your Magic Show went down a storm yesterday and the staff asked me to give you a BIG thanks!! Lou  (Wadhurst Primary School, Sussex)

Andy was absolutely amazing. The children loved every minute. Thank you very much. Clare  (Orchard Way Primary School, Croydon)

Thank you for a most exciting visit. We wish you all the best for 2016. Anita - headteacher  (Oliver Goldsmith Primary School, Southwark)

Andy came to our school Summer Fair and put on three thoroughly fantastic shows. The children were entertained from start to finish and many commented that it was the best part of their day! (Friends of Stoughton Infant School, Guildford)

Hi Andy. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your amazing show yesterday. The children absolutely loved the well as all of us adults! We could not believe they all sat for so long and were engaged throughout. You did such an amazing job of keeping them all entertained, and it was lovely to see how much fun they were having and I am sure many nearly fell back from laughing so much. Kind regards, Priya Green, Nursery Manager
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Call us on School Magic Shows on 07734 101 987 or email Andy at
School Magic Shows, Magic HQ, The Dunnings, Sandy Lane, West Hoathly, West Sussex

In our magic show the magician will amuse, amaze and astound with fantastic, funny and fresh routines keeping the children thoroughly thrilled throughout. He (or she) has loads of magical routines for all different age ranges including magic with some or all of borrowed shoes, jugs of milk, paper cups, bottles of ketchup, cans of dog food, metal chains, metal buckets, balloons, yoyos, carrots, eggs, cakes, machines that chop chips, cards, coins and banknotes, funnels, rope, pizzas, eggs, hats, wands, newspapers, fruit, books and much more besides. We have magic shows aimed at different age groups (early years, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and we now also have a show for Key Stage 3) and we also have magic shows aimed at all age groups all together - where we perform magic clever and exciting enough to impress the older children whilst mixing it with suitably silly stuff and slapstick to keep the littler ones laughing all the way through.
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Our shows in schools are usually either 45 minutes or 60 minutes (we also have a shorter thirty minute show or a longer ninety minute show with a break in the middle). We can also perform several shows over the course of a day if you have a lot of children you want us to entertain. We can perform either on a school stage or we can perform on floor level, and children can either be sat on the floor or on chairs (or both).

For our nursery shows please click here. For our educational shows please click here.
A school magic entertainer does a jig with a jug of milk and a magic wand
Magician Andy Hiccup entertaining on stage with his Big Nose magic routine