Magic shows for companies and family events

A magician performs a magic show in the street with a family audience watching
We should mention that we also do shows that are not school shows. Hooray! We entertain for local councils, festivals, fetes, and for shopping centres, family events and company parties. As well as this we perform library shows every year for the Summer Reading Challenge, which is always enormous fun.

We can perform inside a venue or we can perform outdoors with one of our battery-powered PA systems.

Our marvellous magic shows can be as long or as short as you need them to be, and we can perform either just the one show or several shows throughout the day.

We have a whole load of bonkers magic routines that we can perform, including magic with loaves of bread, jugs of milk, oranges and bananas, gloves, coat hangers. money. pizzas, balloons, eggs, yoyos, Marmite, newspapers and much more besides. We'll have you in hoots of laughter throughout and we will also wow you with our impressive magic. Our show is ideal for a family audience, children and parents alike.
A magician entertains a small group of children with his close-up magic
A magician waves a drill at a dad who is tied up and pulling a funny face
A magician entertains outdoors in the sunshine to children and families sat on the grass
We perform an exciting mix of classic magic and original magic, all performed in a hilarious comedy manner to amuse and amaze you all. We can perform anywhere from small rooms to auditoriums (we've even done shows at the Barbican before!). There's tons of audience participation in our shows. We get helpers up at every opportuntity and we make sure each and every one of them gets a massive round of applause after they have done their part. We can also do walkabout magic fun for children and families. Andy at School Magic Shows also entertains at children's parties, so check out his Andy Hiccup site for more details.

A magician, on a microphone, assisted by a glamorous assistant and about to perform a Kub Zag illusion
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