After an exciting Christmas we're all now all back in a lockdown of course, but bookings are now coming in again for March and beyond. Fantastic! We're not currently taking deposits so if your show is unable to take place because of Covid then you won't be losing out.

When we visit your school rest assured that all Covid hygiene measures will be taken with regards to sanitisers, protective gloves and social distancing. We will also happily wear face masks if you want us to (we use full face clear ones). Schools we have been to so far all seem very pleased about the super hygienic setup that we have, so we're delighted to say we have a good working system up and running.

Due to Covid-19 we cannot currently get children up next to us to be our magical helpers, but there will still be loads of fun audience participation nonetheless.
We can entertain class bubbles either outside if the weather is good, in your school hall or we can do classroom visits instead. For shows in classrooms we don't need much space to perform in, but will need a minimum of two and a half meters (preferably three meters) from the wall. We are careful to properly socially distance at all times.

If there are long breaks between shows we would be more than happy to spend breaks in our car rather than use the staffroom.
A Simple Set Up for our Socially-Distanced Classroom Shows

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